Wednesday, September 22, 2010


In August, I posted "But The House Isn't There Anymore". I wanted to let you know that since then, the charges against my client have been dismissed. The State was never able to locate the victim. I'm still wondering what the purpose of resetting the case in August was...

A High Can Last More Than A Day

Someone made a comment to me today about a client I was representing. The comment was "We should just put a bullet in her head".
What precipitated this comment was the fact that my client had gotten 2 DUIs within 2 days (along with a slew of other charges).
What the person who made the comment failed to understand is that when you have shot yourself up with morphine, drank Benadryl & Nyquil, & had a few drinks, that 'high' can last more than 24 hours.
I know it is easy to get skeptical, especially in the world of criminal law but I hope that I always have some sense of respect for others.
My client will be going to in-patient treatment after a brief stay in the county jail.