Friday, May 21, 2010

Easy Button?

So, I was conferring with a client in the hallway of the courthouse one day when I heard some kind of commotion in the courtroom. Someone comes busting out of the courtroom, screaming that there was a bomb. My client & I look at each other like 'Yeah right." No one else is leaving the courtroom...

I told my client to stay put & that I'll be right back. I went in to investigate. There was no bomb. 2 inmates had gotten into a fight in the holding cell but these 2 inmates were at the very back of the holding cell & the court officers had to literally jump over about 10 other inmates to get to them.

While this entire scenario was unfolding, I kept hearing the squeal of a sound system. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from or why I was hearing it but all was revealed over lunch that day. It turns out that, in the midst of the fight the Judge was calling for help via his panic button, except that he kept hitting the wrong button and instead of hitting the panic button that is directly linked with the Sheriff's Office, he kept hitting the 'on' button for the sound system. When the Judge revealed this, someone asked him if he needed an Easy Button.

Why Did You Do That?

A Defendant in Court yesterday had an interesting explanation for why he stole a 6-pack of beer. He explained to the Judge: "You see, it was 8:00 o'clock on a Sunday morning & they don't sell beer that early on a Sunday & I was firsty. I was gonna go back & pay 'em for it later but they caught me."

Flood Relief Effort???

When caught breaking curfew, a Defendant decided to get creative with his explanation as to why he was selling ecstasy & marijuana. He told law enforcement that all proceeds were going to flood relief efforts. It didn't help his case any.